Good hygiene – more health

While toilet and hand-washing facilities for 5,000 students in Bilaa are under construction, 173 teachers are currently being trained in workshops. The aim is to raise awareness of good hygiene practices such as proper hand washing and menstrual hygiene for girls. The training is carried out by so-called WASH teams. WASH stands for Water, Sanitation Weiterlesen

The team welcomes intern Luca Wesel

For the first time in its more than 20-year history, the WaterFoundation team is being actively supported in its work by an intern. We are pleased to announce that Luca Wesel will be joining our team for three months.  Luca Wesel (27) comes from the southern Black Forest and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Weiterlesen

Clean water for 1000 people in Abba Mote

In the Basona Werana district, there are many silty or eroded waterholes. Often they are additionally polluted because humans and animals share the water holes in the Ethiopian highlands. Here, the WaterFoundation helps by identifying the source of the Midaqo Geday spring and then cleanly “capturing” it, i.e. walling it off and capping it. Added Weiterlesen

Monica Denomy im Vorstand der WasserStiftung

New board member Monica Denomy

Since the beginning of 2022, the Executive Board of the WaterFoundation is again consisting of three members. Monica Denomy is now the third member, alongside Dr. Beate Grotehans (Chair) and Robert Balthasar (Vice Chair). A native of Canada, she joined the WaterFoundation in July 2020 as senior project manager. Since then, she has worked with Weiterlesen

Project launch in Peru

The WaterFoundation starts the new year with full power and gives the starting signal for a nature and water conservation project in the new focus region Peru. Numerous farming families in the Peruvian highlands are struggling with the changing climate conditions. During the course of the year, they are without fresh water for several months. Weiterlesen

Annual Letter 2021/22 is published

A difficult, but yet quite successful year for the WaterFoundation is coming to an end. In our Annual Letter 2021/22, we inform as usual about our completed projects, e.g. in Ethiopia, the progress of ongoing undertakings such as the CloudFisher project in Bolivia and planned projects, for example in Peru. We also report on our Weiterlesen

World Toilet Day – New sanitation project in Bilaa has started

Just in time for World Toilet Day, our sanitation project in Bilaa (Ethiopia), worth more than 300,000 Euros, has started: new toilets and hand washing facilities are planned for more than 5,000 pupils and teachers. The photo shows the toilet facilities of the school in Bilaa in their current state. We urgently need to remedy Weiterlesen

Follow us! WaterFoundation now also on instagram

Four apprentices from HTI GIENGER used their project phase in the summer of 2021 to support the WaterFoundation in reaching younger target groups via social media: Quirin Doellel, Anna-Maria Reithmayr, Evlin Ashoor Schmoel and David Weber. The editorial preparation and set-up of the instagram channel carried out together with them will help to inform young Weiterlesen

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