Clean water for 1000 people in Abba Mote

In the Basona Werana district, there are many silty or eroded waterholes. Often they are additionally polluted because humans and animals share the water holes in the Ethiopian highlands. Here, the WaterFoundation helps by identifying the source of the Midaqo Geday spring and then cleanly “capturing” it, i.e. walling it off and capping it. Added to this, in the case of Abba Mote, is a 4 cubic meter concrete water tank to store the water until it is needed. A 662-meter-long pipeline then leads to the vicinity of the village, where a water intake point is constructed. The population is actively helping to dig the trenches for the pipes. In addition to the 1000 people, over 3500 farm animals such as cattle, sheep and donkeys will be well supplied with clean water from July 2022. We thank the Rotary Club Augsburg-R√∂merstadt for its support.

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