Annual letter is published

Our small team has once again achieved great things in the past year. We are happy and proud to have completed or initiated and launched so many projects. Our annual letter 2022/23 provides detailed information about our various water supply and sanitation projects in Ethiopia, new CloudFisher fog catchers in Tanzania and Bolivia, and reforestation Weiterlesen

Ethiopia: Second memorial project for Henner Lang completed

Around 600 additional people in Ethiopia will have access to clean water in the future. The Mutti project site is located 175 km northeast of Addis Ababa in the regional state of Amhara. As in Ambacho, the funds used here were donated on the occasion of the death of our benefactor and founder Henner Lang Weiterlesen

Henner Lang Memorial Project in Ethiopia: Spring catchment in Ambacho

At the end of July, the Henner Lang Memorial Project I was completed after four months of construction. Now about 900 people have direct access to clean water – about 400 of them are under 15 years old. In addition to the masonry spring catchment, a water tank, a large washstand and a water point, Weiterlesen

Schüler helfen mit beim Aufbau der CloudFisher-Nebelkollektoren in Tansania

CloudFisher in Tanzania: Clean water for 14 schools

Drinking water harvested from fog ensures that 4,000 young people at 14 schools have enough clean water and can stay open during the dry season. That’s because when the rains fail, the 15-square-meter nets of CloudFisher fog collectors in Tanzania’s Babati District each harvest up to 300 liters per day. After five CloudFisher Mini were Weiterlesen


50 donkeys for needy families in Ethiopia

In 2022, the WaterFoundation was again able to hand over 50 donkeys to needy families with the support of the Ethiopia Gospel Deliverence Church (EGDC). The women, who are traditionally responsible for transporting water, are particularly happy about the WaterFoundation’s campaign. One of the recipients explains why: “As a young woman, I am responsible for Weiterlesen


Good hygiene – more health

While toilet and hand-washing facilities for 5,000 students in Bilaa are under construction, 173 teachers are currently being trained in workshops. The aim is to raise awareness of good hygiene practices such as proper hand washing and menstrual hygiene for girls. The training is carried out by so-called WASH teams. WASH stands for Water, Sanitation Weiterlesen

The team welcomes intern Luca Wesel

For the first time in its more than 20-year history, the WaterFoundation team is being actively supported in its work by an intern. We are pleased to announce that Luca Wesel will be joining our team for three months.  Luca Wesel (27) comes from the southern Black Forest and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Weiterlesen

Clean water for 1000 people in Abba Mote

In the Basona Werana district, there are many silty or eroded waterholes. Often they are additionally polluted because humans and animals share the water holes in the Ethiopian highlands. Here, the WaterFoundation helps by identifying the source of the Midaqo Geday spring and then cleanly “capturing” it, i.e. walling it off and capping it. Added Weiterlesen

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