Helping where clean water is scarce

Our engagement

Access to clean water is a human right. The UN General Assembly passed a resolution to this effect in 2010. Nevertheless, millions of people worldwide continue to suffer from a lack of water. Hunger, poverty, disease and forced migration are the consequence. 

Since the year 2000, the non-profit WaterFoundation has been active in areas, mainly rural, where a lack of clean drinking water puts lives at risk. With the support of numerous sponsors, and in cooperation with local partners, we dig wells that are easy to use, construct fog nets, lay water pipes, install pumps, build cisterns, organize water transport, and provide training in sustainable water management. 

A fully functioning water supply is vital to ensure that people can manage their own lives, grow crops to feed their families, and prevent disease through improved hygiene. 

Another focus of our work is to protect, restore and sustainably use biodiversity and terrestrial ecosystems. In this way, we also make a long-term contribution to climate protection.

Help us to achieve these aims.

With a donation of only 15 Euros you enable a person in our partner countries to have permanent access to fresh and clean drinking water!

Support the work of the WaterFoundation by making a donation today. 

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