Schüler helfen mit beim Aufbau der CloudFisher-Nebelkollektoren in Tansania

CloudFisher in Tanzania: Clean water for 14 schools

Drinking water harvested from fog ensures that 4,000 young people at 14 schools have enough clean water and can stay open during the dry season. That’s because when the rains fail, the 15-square-meter nets of CloudFisher fog collectors in Tanzania’s Babati District each harvest up to 300 liters per day.

After five CloudFisher Mini were already successfully set up in January 2020, which now supply several schools in Daraja la Mungu and Endabok with clean water, the Corona pandemic delayed the installation of additional CloudFisher Complete already shipped.

At the end of June 2022, the crew of our implementation partner ped-world on site has now managed to successfully set up three more CloudFisher, so that also the students on the Tanzanian high plateau in Qameyu, who have actively supported the construction, can enjoy sufficient clean water. 


Die neuen CloudFisher in Qameyu
The new CloudFisher in Qameyu

The video of our partner ped-world impressively shows the positive effects of our CloudFisher fog collector project for the schools in the Babati region in Tanzania.

More info about the project at:

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