Project launch in Peru

The WaterFoundation starts the new year with full power and gives the starting signal for a nature and water conservation project in the new focus region Peru. Numerous farming families in the Peruvian highlands are struggling with the changing climate conditions. During the course of the year, they are without fresh water for several months. Weiterlesen

Annual Letter 2021/22 is published

A difficult, but yet quite successful year for the WaterFoundation is coming to an end. In our Annual Letter 2021/22, we inform as usual about our completed projects, e.g. in Ethiopia, the progress of ongoing undertakings such as the CloudFisher project in Bolivia and planned projects, for example in Peru. We also report on our Weiterlesen

World Toilet Day – New sanitation project in Bilaa has started

Just in time for World Toilet Day, our sanitation project in Bilaa (Ethiopia), worth more than 300,000 Euros, has started: new toilets and hand washing facilities are planned for more than 5,000 pupils and teachers. The photo shows the toilet facilities of the school in Bilaa in their current state. We urgently need to remedy Weiterlesen

Follow us! WaterFoundation now also on instagram

Four apprentices from HTI GIENGER used their project phase in the summer of 2021 to support the WaterFoundation in reaching younger target groups via social media: Quirin Doellel, Anna-Maria Reithmayr, Evlin Ashoor Schmoel and David Weber. The editorial preparation and set-up of the instagram channel carried out together with them will help to inform young Weiterlesen

Project progress in the construction of the fog nets in Bolivia

At the beginning of the year, residents of the Andean village of Alto Veladero began the first preparatory work for the construction of the CloudFisher fog collectors. According to the contract, the farmers participate in digging the trenches that are necessary for laying the water pipes. A good 1000 metres long is the trench that Weiterlesen

Eselverteilung in Äthiopien

Another 50 donkeys distributed to families in Ethiopia

This year, the tradition of distributing donkeys to needy families in Ethiopia was again upheld and filled with life. Thanks to the WaterFoundation, 50 more women are now the proud owners of such a useful beast of burden. The donkeys make the women’s and girls’ daily lives easier, which largely consists of fetching clean drinking Weiterlesen

Founder Henner Lang deceased

The WaterFoundation family mourns the loss of its benefactor and founder Henner Lang, who passed away shortly after his 77th birthday on 25 April 2021 as a result of a corona infection. Our thoughts are with his family: his wife, daughter, two sons and grandchildren. Henner Lang was torn from the middle of an active Weiterlesen

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