PERU: Monica Denomy visits the CloudFisher project in Santa Rosa

The WaterFoundation project that will positively change the lives of numerous families in an underserved region near Lima runs until 2025. The conditions are favorable.

For dense fog regularly drifts over the hills of Santa Rosa, rising from the Pacific Ocean. Enough to set up 37 CloudFisher in the hills near the coast. These fog collectors will – as measurements have shown – provide enough clean drinking water for over 300 families living there.

Until now, families in this disadvantaged region have relied on expensive drinking water delivered by tanker trucks. A costly undertaking.

That is why there is such a high level of citizen participation in the information sessions.

The work begins with precise measurements to ensure that the fog collectors are positioned at the optimum angle to the wind.

Martin Drewes and his colleague Carl-Christian Weber from the Inflotec company in Magdeburg have a lot of experience with setting up technical equipment in impassable terrain and also lend a hand themselves.

However, the main work of excavating is done by the local population.

Monica Denomy, senior project manager and board member of the WaterFoundation, was on site in Peru in June to see how work is progressing.

The German team received a very warm welcome from the people in Santa Rosa. The students of the local secondary school had specially rehearsed a program to welcome the guests.

The material for the CloudFisher has already been shipped and arrived safely on site. Soon, construction can begin.

More information about the project you find here.

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