TANSANIA: Water pumps for 10,000 men and women are working again

Water pumps for 10,000 men and women are working again – training and sustainable maintenance models keep it that way

In the summer of 2023, the project Pumps for Life (P4L) dealt with the repair of defective water pumps. Our project partner MSABI developed a sophisticated system to ensure that the pumps remain in good working order. In consultation with the local authorities, 21 water points were initially selected for repair. Priority was given to locations near schools because the need for clean water is particularly great there. A total of around 10,000 people at 13 schools and in eight villages are benefiting from this project.

Villagers took on the simple work, hauling sand for cement and helping where they could. After the installation of the simple low-maintenance hand pumps, the population was instructed in their correct use during ceremonial handovers.

The contracts signed between the users and MSABI stipulate that the pumps will be proactively checked on a regular basis in return for the payment of a small monthly fee and that they will be repaired immediately in the event of any malfunctions.

In addition, 15 mechanics already working for P4L received training as part of the project. In addition, five new mechanics were trained – four of them are women! An absolute novelty.


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