World Toilet Day – New sanitation project in Bilaa has started

Just in time for World Toilet Day, our sanitation project in Bilaa (Ethiopia), worth more than 300,000 Euros, has started: new toilets and hand washing facilities are planned for more than 5,000 pupils and teachers. The photo shows the toilet facilities of the school in Bilaa in their current state. We urgently need to remedy this situation.

We can hardly imagine it, but flush toilets with toilet paper and washbasins with clean water and soap are still a luxury for far too many people. One in three people worldwide do not have access to clean, hygienic sanitation. The World Toilet Day, which has been celebrated for 20 years and has been one of the official commemorative days of the United Nations since 19 November 2013, wants to draw attention to this terrible situation.

More about the project:

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