We proudly present: The youngest donors of 2020

Standing up for a good cause is not a question of age. When Ellen, Emma, Hannah, Hilke, Luisa and Rosi from Pasing heard about the fact that there are girls in Africa who cannot go to school because they are busy every day scooping water for their families at distant water holes and then having to carry it home for many kilometres, they too wanted to help spontaneously – just like the WaterFoundation. For many years now, selected women were given donkeys who take over the water transport for the families. For about 1000 families in Eritrea and 1000 in Ethiopia, life has changed a lot.

Ellen, Emma, Hannah, Hilke, Luisa and Rosi decided to sell some of their toys and donated the proceeds to the WaterFoundation. As a token of gratitude they received a certificate specially made for them by our donor supervisor Anne Balthasar – and of course some of the postcards on which donkeys instead of girls carry the heavy water canisters.

On behalf of the Ethiopian families, we would like to thank the young donors most sincerely and in this spirit we wish all the small and large supporters of the WaterFoundation a blessed and happy Christmas!

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