Testausrüstung zur Kontrolle der Wasserqualität

Test kit for water quality control arrived in Ethiopia

The quality of the water in our existing and new water supply projects needs to be checked regularly. With the new mobile testing equipment for our project partner EDA-E in Ethiopia, the WaterFoundation has now significantly improved and facilitated these checks.

Eagerly awaited delivery arrived safely

Engineer Fekadu Aleka wrote by return of post after the long-awaited receipt of the equipment case: “Finally it worked! I have received the goods. This saves us, especially me, a lot of work and trouble. I thank you all.” After the online-training by the manufacturing company LetzTEST, EDA-E can start water quality checks immediately.

Too long transport routes for water samples

Until now, the water samples were transported to a laboratory in the capital Addis Ababa and tested there. The transport from the sometimes remote water points to the laboratory often took up to eight hours. This procedure took up a disproportionate amount of time as well as financial and human resources. Moreover, the test results are no longer reliable after such a long transport time: Water samples must be stored at 4 °C and protected from light. For valid results, especially with regard to the pathogen E.Coli, testing must take place within eight hours of collection.

Progress in water quality control through mobile equipment

The WasserStiftung purchased a portable test kit for bacteriological water quality control for the Environmentalist Development Association – Ethiopia (EDA-E) in Germany. Even after lengthy research, EDA-E had not found an Ethiopian dealer who manufactures or distributes the urgently needed test kit. With LetzTEST, a German manufacturer was found who specialises in the challenges of countries with limited infrastructure.

The analysis kit “LetzTEST Portable Membrane Filtration Kit” as well as the accompanying incubator work without electricity. Also, the consumables do not need to be cooled. The biggest advantage is that this test equipment is very easy to handle and hardly prone to errors compared to other suppliers. It is now used for regular quality checks of the existing fortified water intake points as well as for the selection of new spring tappings, especially with regard to purity.

Delivery support from NGO Ärzte der Welt

After the purchase, the question arose as to how the equipment, which cost a good 3,000 euros, would reach Addis Ababa safely. Then a happy coincidence came to the rescue. A colleague from the NGO „Ärzte der Welt“, which is based in the neighbouring office, was about to take off and was prepared to take the valuable additional case with her on the journey to Addis and hand it over personally to Fekadu Aleka. On behalf of EDA-E, we would like to thank Ärzte der Welt sincerely for their support!

How does the LetzTEST Portable Membrane Filtration Kit work? See more in the video:


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