Sowing and harvesting water in Peru

Our Repanas project in Peru started in March 2022. Board member Monica Denomy recently visited the large renaturation and water protection project at 4,300 m above sea level and noted: “The establishment of the protected areas is having a visible effect. The vegetation is recovering. And the planting of a good 16,000 trees now helps the soil to hold the water better like a sponge. The water quality has also already improved noticeably thanks to the fencing and protection from livestock feces.”

In the villages participating in the project, there are now fertile gardens in which the families can grow their vegetables. They have received seeds for this. The 6-hour drive to the market in Abancay is no longer necessary.

Incidentally, the water committees that have been set up also include women – contrary to the usual practice – who pass on their new water knowledge to their neighbors in the villages as multipliers.

Flowering gardens instead of grazed pastures. And a further 55,000 seedlings are waiting to be planted in the tree nurseries.

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