35 donkeys for Ethiopia – Successful WATER Action Day of the Rotary Club Schorndorf

The girls and boys from two primary schools in Schorndorf will certainly remember this very special “school day” for a long time to come. In mid-May, the Rotary Club of Schorndorf organised an activity that showed how well and sustainably playful learning can work. The 90 or so third-graders not only gained memorable experience, but also made donations with their good “earned” results, which the Water Foundation can use to purchase 35 new donkeys for needy women in Ethiopia.

An educational course was set up on the grounds of the city park. 

During their tour, the girls and boys carried as many water bottles as they individually could. This gave them an idea of how difficult it is for women and girls in Ethiopia to carry water for daily use from the water sources to the villages, often over a distance of several kilometres.

During the breaks at several information stations, the children learned a lot of interesting facts about the origin and distribution of water as well as the careful use of it.


Public relations officer Susanne John explained to the interested groups at information stand 3 how the Water Foundation in Ethiopia helps to provide clean water for the families in the villages by building wells. And how water transport is made much easier by donated donkeys. Incidentally, the purchase and equipment of a “water donkey” costs 150 euros. 

A special highlight were the donkeys organised by the Rotary Club, which transported large amounts of water through the city park after the children. This extra round, where the children were allowed to lead the donkeys themselves, was visibly fun for all.

At the finish line, the water transported by the primary school children and donkeys was measured. The results achieved in an age-appropriate water quiz were added to the quantities. Converted into euros, enough money was raised – as Rotarian President Andrea Bergler was proud to announce – for the purchase of 35 donkeys by the Water Foundation.

A great result, for which the WaterFoundation expressed its sincere thanks to the Water Commissioner of the Rotary Club, Dr. Joachim Schäfer, on behalf of the needy families in Ethiopia.

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