Memorial plaque commemorates Henner Lang in Ethiopia

A memorial plaque will be erected in Ambacho in April 2023 in honour of the founder of the WaterFoundation, Henner Lang. When Henner Lang passed away in April 2021 shortly after his 77th birthday, friends and companions collected donations at his funeral, which were used to implement spring capping projects in both Ambacho and Mutti.

Around 1,500 people in these remote areas of Ethiopia now have secure access to clean spring water for the first time. This is made possible not only by the walled-in spring, but also by the associated water pipes. They lead to the water tanks, the water taps, the large washbasins and separate watering places for 1,500 head of cattle.

The organisation EDA-E (Environmentalist Development Association – Ethiopia) was responsible for the implementation of the construction work. Its founder Fekadu Aleka (pictured below) and Henner Lang have been close friends for many years.

The water committees set up in the villages now ensure the sustainable and responsible use of the facilities and the precious resource water – and will also keep the memory of the founder of the WaterFoundation alive.

Henner Lang will live on in all the projects he realised and supported.

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