Inauguration in Bilaa – Clean drinking water for another 10,000 people in Ethiopia

One of the large water supply projects developed by the WaterFoundation together with its partner organisation Environmentalists Development Association – Ethiopia (EDA-E) in Ethiopia was inaugurated after two years of construction in February 2020 and handed over to the population.

The team of the WaterFoundation was welcomed enthusiastically by the inhabitants of the villages Bilaa and Bilo Ejere – 235 km north-west of Addis Ababa.

The welcoming committee consisted of groups of riders, motorbikes and countless children.


The guests of honour, together with the local officials, took their seats in a tent on the large event area in Bilaa. They were honoured with traditional capes.

Among others, the project manager Fekadu Aleka and a local head of Bilaa gave speeches of thanks and celebration.

The children of the school presented a Taekwondo performance.

The older teenagers performed a play they have written themselves on the topic of water.

Young and old in the large audience were equally impressed.

The 100 cubic metre water tank of the large water supply system.

Water march!!

© Fotos Martin Kern

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