ETHIOPIA – Becoming stronger together

The “Becoming Stronger Together” project, which was launched in fall 2023, is picking up speed. The aim is to establish and support self-help groups for women who are working towards sustainable income generation: through small animal husbandry, fruit and vegetable cultivation and the production of energy-saving cooking stoves for sale. The prerequisite for this is a secure water supply. To this end, wells are being drilled, water sources tapped and donkeys distributed for water transportation.

As a first step, the project was presented to the women living in the villages of Ilu and Tole in the Oromia region.

Subsequently, 460 women were selected and introduced to the concept of self-help groups.

In small group training sessions, the prospective businesswomen were taught basic sales and accounting skills (such as input-expenditure accounting).

A total of 160 high-quality Horo sheep were handed over to the new owners in Ilu and Tole for the establishment of sheep farming.

Women who live further away from the villages received 200 strong donkeys, which will be used to transport water from now on.

Well construction and spring tapping will begin in the spring. There will also be training courses on vegetable growing and stove building.

Information on the project can be found here:


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