WaterFoundation guest at HTI Gienger’s Drinking Water Day

On 25 November 2020, the new Chairwoman Dr. Beate Grotehans was interviewed by Katrin Bacher from HTI on the guidelines and objectives of the WasserStiftung. Drinking quality running water and flushing toilets are quite normal for people in Bavaria, said Grotehans. All too often people forget that 4 billion people worldwide do not have proper sanitation and an incredible 2 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water – although both of which are UN-anchored human rights since 2010. Changing this is the main driver and a matter of the heart for her and the team of the WaterFoundation.

Video – Interview with Beate Grotehans

For many years the wholesale company from Markt Schwaben has been supporting the projects of the WaterFoundation. At the Bavarian Drinking Water Day, which this time had to take place online due to corona, they also offered the opportunity to present the foundationā€˜s work to a knowledgeable audience at a top-class symposium. In addition, 1.000 euros were donated by HTI to the WaterFoundation. Thank you very much!

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