Initial situation
The school in Gobbu-Walda as well as the village population are without drinking water so far. The women and girls of the village are burdened with fetching and carrying the water. A spring about four kilometres away is rich enough to supply the school and the village via a water pipe.


The spring is captured and capped. The clean spring water is fed into a four-kilometre-long water pipe to Gobbu-Walda. Two more taps for the villagers are planned along this route. The water is collected in a cistern halfway along the route and pumped manually into a raised container. This ensures that the water is led down a free gradient to the school.

The aim of the project is to provide clean drinking water for about 1,200 pupils and an additional 70 families.


The realisation of this project started in June 2008 with the purchase and transport of materials to Gobbu-Walda.

Project partner
Environmentalists Development Association – Ethiopia (EDA-E)

About 10,000 Euros.
The German Embassy in Addis Adeba will cover the complete project costs. The project can be realised at a particularly low cost because the WaterFoundation, together with its Ethiopian partner EDA-E, is implementing an even more extensive project in the same district of Guutoo-Adulaan in 2008. Numerous synergy effects can be used here.


Henner Lang


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