Initial situation
Birbirsa is situated on the edge of a mountainous landscape between high and lowlands at an altitude of 1880 metres above sea level. The inhabitants get their drinking water from the nearby river Idris. This river water is unsuitable for human consumption. Therefore water-related diseases are very common.


6 km from Birbirsa there are two springs with a water supply of about 5 litres per second. The larger spring has already been developed for the neighbouring village Mutulu. The smaller one can be newly developed to supply the Birbirsa area. The pipeline for Mutulu, which was completed by the WaterFoundation and the EDA-E in July 2007, can also carry the required additional water for Birbirsa.

The spring is captured and capped. The spring water is led to Birbirsa via a PE water pipe. Three intermediate tanks will be used for water supply and pressure regulation. A total of 8 tapping points with 2 taps each are planned. The water tapping points will be fenced in. The tapping will take place at fixed times under the control of officials of the local water committee. Afterwards the plant will be technically and economically under the responsibility of the municipality. The implementation started in June 2008.

Project partners

Environmentalists Development Association – Ethiopia (EDA-E)

The total expenditure for the Birbirsa project is around 50,000 euros. It is largely financed by a grant from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The municipality of Birbirsa is also contributing to the success of the project through work on the construction of the water pipeline and water tanks.

Contact person
Henner Lang

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