Initial situation
The Guutoo-Adulaan Woreda school and scattered settlements in Bakko-Tibbe are situated on the edge of a mountainous landscape between high and lowlands at an altitude of 1880 metres above sea level. Few people fetch water from springs, as they are too far away from them and also difficult to access. The springs have not been tapped. The inhabitants have dug a kind of pond there and fetch polluted water from it with canisters. Neither the springs nor the pond are protected in any way. Therefore, dogs and other animals go there to drink. The students usually drink from a nearby stream. Water-related diseases are therefore very common.


There are suitable springs in the area that can be tapped. It is planned to develop the Modoo spring at an altitude of 1900 m above sea level. It is productive enough to supply about 2,500 people with clean drinking water in the long run.

A part of the Modoo source is tapped and capped. The spring water is led via a PE water pipe to a new cistern near the school. The school and the residents around the school and also the sanitation station are supplied with drinking water via pipes. The water withdrawal points are fenced in. The withdrawal is carried out at fixed times under the control of staff of the local water committee. After that, the plant will be technically and economically under the responsibility of the municipality.


The implementation took place in mid-2008.

Project partner

Environmentalists Development Association – Ethiopia (EDA-E)

About 25,000 euros. 
The project was made possible by the generous private donation of the Malecki Family from Hamburg.

Current status
In Guutoo, an unused water withdrawal point was shut down years ago, the supply of a hospital was expanded, and various items were replaced.
A routine visit in 2017 left those involved stunned: the entire plant is out of operation except for the main source that was tapped. Residents, teachers and pupils, the hospital – all those who received decentralised water via pipes and tapping points now have to walk for kilometres to this source for clean drinking water.
What happened? According to the hospital staff, the school director and members of the water committee, a now resident “big farmer” destroyed the water pipes and has been using water from this main source for his fields (corn, sugar cane) since then.
The WaterFoundation has informed the authorities responsible for this community and demanded a restoration. The efforts are supported by the German Embassy in Addis Ababa. So far, success has yet to be achieved. We are continuing our efforts to restore the original condition.

Contact person

Henner Lang


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