The CloudFisher, a new development, uses atmospheric water vapour as a new source of drinking water. It is the world’s first production fog collector capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 120 kph. The fog nets catch and harvest water droplets in the air. This pioneering technology can supply people in many countries with cheap and clean drinking water. The water obtained in this cost-effective way can also be used by farmers, for reforestation projects or in industry.

The innovative fog collector is simple to install and maintain, requires no energy. All used materials are food-safe. The CloudFisher can supply hundreds of thousands of people with top-quality drinking water complying with the WHO drinking water standards. It can be used in all arid mountainous and coastal regions which have long periods of foggy weather.

Peak values of over 600 liters per day and per net

The CloudFisher was developed by the German WaterFoundation. The steel frames and net holders were tested by the Foundation on Mount Boutmezguida in Morocco for a period of 18 months. Together with researchers from the Technical University of Munich, the Foundation tested different synthetic and stainless steel fabrics regarding their water yield. Depending on the region and the season, between 36 und 126 liters per day and module (net surface: 9 m2) could be collected. In Morocco, peak values of over 600 liters per day have been measured.

Launch at the Trade Fair WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2015

As a première the WaterFoundation will present the CloudFisher at the fair trade Wasser Berlin INTERNATIONAL (24 – 27/03/15, Hall 4.2, 404) to specialists and to the public.

The designer of the CloudFisher

The industrial designer Peter Trautwein from Munich has focused on the method of producing drinking water from fog for more than two years. With the CloudFisher he has developed a completely new fog collector.

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