Since its inception in 2000, the Water Foundation has worked, with the support of many donors—both large and small—to launch and carry out a wide range of projects to improve access to drinking water, as the basis of a dignified life for those previously denied this human right

Projects have been successfully concluded in Ethiopia, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Chile, Eritrea, Ghana, India, Morocco, Nepal, Palestine, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Uzbekistan. Since 2018 the Water Foundation has been focusing its activities in the areas of water supply and rural development on two countries: Ethiopia and Eritrea. However, fog-collectors, using the so-called CloudFisher technology, are still being installed at suitable sites elsewhere.

Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests.

Project guiding principles

  • Long-term effectiveness and sustainability are the twin pillars of our activities.
  • We create elements for replication or modular use (exemplified by the implementation or modular deployment of the CloudFisher in numerous countries).
  • Successfully completed projects are taken as models for other communities or countries.
  • Projects are supported for a minimum of five years.
  • Results from research projects are freely accessible for non-commercial purposes.
  • We work with local partners and organizations, with the aim of gradually transferring responsibility for projects to the local level.

Local partners

  • participate in Water Foundation projects by contributing know-how, staff, materials and equipment, and financial support;
  • provide the Water Foundation with regular written updates on the progress of the project concerned;
  • must be a recognized NGO/NPO or research body;
  • are subject to audit;
  • are reliable, tolerant, and committed to a policy of equal opportunities, without regard to gender, language, religion, health considerations, nationality, ethnicity or social background;
  • agree to facilitate inspection of the project by the Water Foundation;
  • attach importance to an evaluation of effectiveness.

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